“Two musicians and two instruments in perfect harmony with each other sums up the serenade
for violin and piano in the Rossini-Hall at the Regent’s Palace. Eva-Maria May (piano) and Kolja Lessing (violin) enchanted the audience with an unusual, not every-day repertoire, conjuring a
an impressive and moving sound-scape. Both musicians have been internationally experienced stage performers for over many years. This is truly felt not only for their solo performances. As a soloist on piano Eva-Maria May excelled with her interpretation of Franz Schubert’s “Rosamunde-Variations”, whilst Kolja Lessing performing Eugéne Ysaye’s sonata in D-minor “Ballade” op. 27/3, displayed his whole captivating brilliance with this Belgian’s solo piece for violin.
A special highlight of these two virtuosos was the sonata D-minor for violin and piano by Francis Poulenc. After a short dissonant intro, a vital thematic block and a melodic line over several bars form a kind of exposition. A crescendo with an abrupt general pause arouses attention for the following slower mid-section full of impassioned violin strokes. In the second movement contrasting, in part intertwined melodic lines with new motives determine the course of the movement…”
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“Entertainment on the highest level…”

“…A well-rounded, handcrafted and musically shining, sensitively chosen program, that neither lacks the “coolness”, nor the brilliance, nor a tone which one has to call soft – interpretations of belabored works which impress like originals even with the knowledge of the originals in mind – not only in the case of Poulenc’s “Improvisations” it is well performed entertainment: all of it in two very full hours to be experienced in an evening…”
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“French Enchantment”

“This Poulenc recording presents chamber music in its manifold expressions. The faceted richness of the performance here cannot be surpassed. To experience Francis Poulencs Sonata for two Pianos played by Eva-Maria May and Alexander Wienand is an adventure in itself. As on a journey we encounter many different landscapes, contrasting moods, experience motion, hectic acceleration, dive into quietude, partake in magnificent visions. The musicians melt together into one great whole. The unique harmonics provide a sharpness of dissonances, polytonalities, popular expressions and clichéd phrases. In every situation the musians allow the rich harmonies enough time to unfold themselves. They celebrate the quietness and transform nona chords, like the simple C-major triad into exhilarating beauty. The instrumentalists play music with an exuberant love for life, daring wit and all the way to cool aloofness. Lovers of French music will experience sonatas by Francis Poulenc on the highest possible level.”
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